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Phoenix - Part 1 | GTA V Rockstar Editor Machinima

منتشر شده در تاریخ ۱۳۹۸/۰۹/۰۹

A test subject, far more powerful than her captors realize, escapes from a controversial experiment and encounters a biker gang where she changes their lives forever.


This is Part 1 of 2, the next part is still in development and I'll update in the near future about it's release.

This was a labour of love for me, a story I've wanted to do since I got my hands on GTA V back in April 2015 that I finally felt comfortable skill-wise to take on. It's fairly inspired by Akira, one of my favourite films, and one I've been working on and off for the past 3 months.

99% of sounds were replaced so the audio was rebuilt from the ground up, that includes all bike sounds that were individually re-recorded and record stuff around my house. Also, no graphics mods were used either as grading was done in an external editor.

This was an enormous edit for me, by far the biggest project I've ever worked on and one I hope that's as cinematic as possible :)







Kaneda Bike by kazuki

Simple Trainer by sjaak327

Menyoo by MAFINS

Scene Director by elsewhat