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Tea with Sugar | Ali Reza Panahian

زینبیون تی وی
زینبیون تی وی
منتشر شده در تاریخ ۱۳۹۸/۱۱/۱۸

Tea with Sugar

The most important, effective feature in parents for training children with a good and firm character is patience. Patience is bitter. But like a bitter tea, we can have it with sugar. Then it will become tasty too. If patience is accompanied by a bad temper, bad mood, depression, and complaining, not only it won’t have a positive effect on children, it will have a negative effect too.
The mother or father, especially the mother, because she has more of an emotional effect, if she starts complaining in front of her children, although that suffering or problem may not be that important for the mother, it will make the whole world dark for her children. Then it will not be that easy to stop that child from looking negatively at everything.