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۸۳ بازدید

  • Shiruku
  • من دیگه زیر خاکم ولی از لحاظ جسمی نه! از لحاظ روحی.....:)
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Again & Again - Plastic Memories OST

منتشر شده در تاریخ ۱۳۹۸/۱۱/۲۶

Lie down on ground, to talk to bright sky
A shooting★star dashed through the deep sky

with tears caught your heart and so...

Never turn back
Like playful mind of a child, we are changing
Fly with invisible wings together now

Your temperature is a little below normal
But we can feel warm
In a secret terminal

At the ticket gate in the crowd
Hello, goodbye
Again and again

See into the future
With a telescope
Stay here