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تریلر معرفی بازی Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One

پردیس گیم
کانال تایید شده پردیس گیم
منتشر شده در تاریخ ۱۳۹۹/۰۳/۰۷

Developer Frogwares returns to the Sherlock Holmes series with a prequel focusing on the early career of the consulting detective. In Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One, you play as the titular character who returns to his hometown following his mother's death. While exploring the open world of the Mediterranean island town, Sherlock will learn that this seemingly quiet setting and its residents have something to hide. He'll use his developing deductive skills to unearth a more massive conspiracy and his connections to it. Set for release in 2021 for current and next-gen platforms, Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One is a new interpretation of the iconic character.